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References Materials for Logos 6

Layout Ideas for Logos 6

Course Evaluation for February 2015.

References Materials for Logos 5

  • The complete reference handout from Week 1 (PDF)
  • Logos Shortcuts & Abbreviations (PDF)
  • Detailed keyboard shortcuts for Mac (PDF)
  • Detailed keyboard shortcuts for PC (PDF)
  • Hebrew & Greek Paradigms (PDF)
  • Course Evaluation Form (PDF)
  • How the interface differs between Mac and PC (PDF)
  • Resources to make your library more Lutheran (PDF)
  • Using the “Perseus Collection” NT Hapax Legomenon (PDF)

Layout Ideas for Logos 5

  • Parallel Passages (PDF)
  • Lectionary (PDF)

Bible Versions Comparison

  • Reading Level Chart (PDF)
  • Level Chart Explanation (PDF)

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