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The “Perseus Collection” Available Again for free!

Logos just finished shipping the last of the free Perseus Collections.This initial offering of the Perseus Collections was so successful, that Logos has made the Perseus Collections available again!!

Each of the collections listed here are available for a purchase of $0.00 (FREE) from Logos.

In total (if you get all 7 collections) you are looking at adding over 1700 resources to your Logos Library. The “Perseus Classics Collection” is must have for your New Testament (and LXX) exegetical work. If you have ever translated a text and run across any “hapax legomena”, then adding the Perseus Classics Collection” and “The Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri” is for you. See the video below for a great example!

Official Android app is now available!

The new Logos Android app is now available for FREE Download to Android smartphones and Android tablets. Now you can take Logos with you wherever you go. The Logos Android app allows you access to your favorite Logos tools such as footnotes, quick Bible verse preview, Bible word study, text comparison, passage guide, and reverse interlinear. Study the Bible like you never have before with the new Logos Android app. For Logos 4 base package owners, the app will also give you access to many of the books from your library that are not available individually, allowing for a fuller and richer Bible study experience.

Download the Android app today.

The Perseus Classics Collection

Until September 30, you can add 1,100+ books to your Logos libary for FREE!

It’s called the Perseus Classics Collection.

Why would you want it? Well, it’s largely Greek and Latin texts from ancient cultures. They will help contextualize any Exegetical or Word Study done via Logos. Maybe a particular word only shows up once in the New Testament, but it shows up many times in the work of philosophers, poets, mathamaticians, and historians.

Here’s five reasons why the Collection is incredible. Want to pre-order it (for FREE) before Sept. 30? You can do that right here.